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Courageous Wealth Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

The world is constantly riddled with chaos, pain, and fear, now so more than ever. And because of that, it can be so easy to lose hope and be discouraged. There will be days where life feels bleak and you don’t want to take the next step. If you are feeling this way right now, then this episode is for you. Find out the different areas in your life you can find courage in, how you can grow deeper in Christ, and how to build stronger relationships and business in the year to come. 



  • Finding courage in trusting God. 
  • Facing and digging deep into your fears. 
  • Finding the courage to let go. 
  • Giving yourself grace and seeking rest. 



“Do you have the courage to really trust God, and to stand firmly in who you believe you are in Christ, and not to be ashamed of him and not to put him in a box somewhere, and just pull him out when it's convenient?”



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